Become Ocean’s name is taken from John Luther Adams’ composition (Become Ocean, 2013) that was also inspired by a John Cage’s quote: "Life on this earth first emerged from the sea. As the polar ice melts and sea level rises, we humans find ourselves facing the prospect that once again we may quite literally become ocean."  

Become Ocean (2017) is about a memory of a place and a time. It’s about an idea of isolation and the sea’s omnipresence. An exploration between temporary and permanent that takes us to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, on a trip around the Azores and a specific project located in São Miguel island: Two Manifolds by Nuno Pimenta.

2017  16:9  4min

Film by
Miguel C. Tavares

Cinematography & Edition
Miguel C. Tavares

Music / Sound
José Alberto Gomes

Raquel S.

Voice Over
Joana Carvalho

Color Correction
Rui Manuel Vieira

Marta Ramos

*Two Manifolds

Project by
Nuno Pimenta

Commissioned by

Special Thanks
Ana Resende
Joana Quelhas Lima
Jesse James
Fábio Jorge Paiva
Joana Oliveira
Giacomo Mazzadri
Joana Teixeira
Mestre João
Daniel Borges
Leonor Peixoto
Luis Brum
Sofia Botelho