Inspired by an atmosphere of clouds, dunes and lagoons, Cloud Tryptic explores the natural elements that compose the conceptual imagery of Carla Pontes’ ss17 collection.

Conceived and interpreted as a whole, Cloud Tryptic is divided into three distinct moments that touch and cross each other, becoming one single entity. Presented step-by-step, we can only find all the visual and sound layers once we see them side by side, overlapping aligned and misaligned horizons.

Developed over three creative strengths, design, video and sound, Cloud Tryptic is the new collaborative project promoted by Carla Pontes, directed by Miguel C. Tavares, with original soundtrack by José Alberto Gomes.

2017  2.35:1  1min58s

a film by
Miguel C. Tavares

Luis Moreira

Original Music
José Alberto Gomes

Color Correction
Rui Manuel Vieira

Carla Pontes

Production Assistant
Luísa Loureiro

Make-up and hair
Bé Miranda

Maria - Best Models

awards and official selections

*1st Prize / Best Film on National Competition of Brand Fashion Films at Porto Fashion Film Festival!

*Official Selection - Copenhagen Fashion Film