For the conception of the new video for the song "Dança Macabra" by Manuel Linhares, Margarida Rêgo took her work that focuses on the destruction of film as a starting point to create new images.

Written by Capicua during a visit to the island of São Jorge in the Azores, the song’s lyrics talk about the encounter of lava with the sea.

The video, in collaboration with Miguel C. Tavares, develops in a crescendo where images of the performer mix with landscapes in constant transformation.

2022  4:3  6min15s

Video & Editing
Miguel C. Tavares
Margarida Rêgo

Voice & Composition
Manuel Linhares


Music Production, Arrangment, Synthesizer and Drums
António Loureiro

Paulo Barros

José Carlos Barbosa

Special Thanks
Valentine's Academy
Jazz Holder Stamp