As in previous years, the residency Guimarães Jazz / Porta-Jazz proposed an artistic collaboration between musicians and a visual artist. During one week, a group of Portuguese and foreign musicians, led by the pianist and composer João Grilo, and the video artist Miguel C. Tavares tested each of their disciplinary borders and comfort zones, exploring new references in order to discover new expressive paths. The result of the residency was presented and recorded live at Guimarães Jazz and afterwards published by Porta-Jazz’s record label, Carimbo.

(...) "The annual Guimarães Jazz/Porta-Jazz collaboration between musicians and a visual artist involves entering the Black Box venue’s intimate, inky dark, symbolic of a descent into the Portuguese underground worth the trip on its own. For a dislocating hour, video artist Miguel C. Tavares improvises with footage from his globally shot films, in response to the music of pianist João Grilo’s newly created quartet, glimpsed aglow in the gloom. An initial surge of urban imagery shifts to tree-lined snowfields, where snowdrops meet petal-falls of piano. Hushed beauty in turn shatters into astringent introspection soundtracking Hong Kong streets, where Tavares loops and lingers on commuters staring at phone screens. Restless music falls silent, the projection itself audible, John Cage-like, forcing uncomfortable contemplation. It’s a mesmerising trip, wholly jazz in its high-wire conception: Norwegian bassist Christian Meaas Svendsen and Danish drummer Simon Albertsen only met local talent including atmospheric saxophonist José Soares days before." in jazzwisemagazine

2018  16:9  ±40min

Miguel C. Tavares

Piano and Composition
João Grilo

Simon Olderskog Albersten

Christian Meaas Svendsen

José Soares


>>> 11.11.2018
Guimarães Jazz, Plataforma das Artes - Guimarães, 21:00

>>> 07.02.2020
10º Porta-Jazz, Teatro Rivoli - Porto, 21:30