Video series created having ‘ORBIT’ / CARLA PONTES collection in mind.

Around. As a planet goes around a star, as a moon goes around a planet. ORBIT invites you to look into our planet throughout the sky. It gives you the chance to see the contour curves in a dry lake, the volume of a volcano, the texture of the lava flow. It’s enhanced by grains and granite, by textures and terraces.

A darker insight! But at the same time a vision of different states of beauty, that ORBIT around.

#1 ORBIT- Around

#2 ORBIT- Volcano

#3 ORBIT- Lava

#4 ORBIT- Grains

#5 ORBIT- wind

2015  16:9  50s

Miguel C. Tavares

Rui Manuel Vieira

José Alberto Gomes

Creative Direction and Production
Carla Pontes
João Pontes

Mar’yana Kovalchuk

Filmed at
Scar-id Store