Together with electronic musician Scanner (UK), Miguel C. Tavares presented an entirely new piece premiered live at Semibreve festival in 2019. Both music and visuals were performed spontaneously and improvised live.

(...)  on the Sunday, he was joined in Theatro Circo by Portuguese filmmaker Miguel C. Tavares. At the Friday talk, Tavares was similarly unsure what might happen, yet what the pair created was extraordinary. On stage, Scanner visibly wrestled with his machines, eking out sound, perfecting grooves on the fly, and slowly sinking into something lush and dubby. Tavares’s visuals responded in kind, a palette of shapes and textures on which activity peaked and troughed in time with the beat. They were abstract by necessity, an attempt to respond to one of a million performances that Scanner might have produced on his mystery synth. It amplified the possibility of other realities, like if had Scanner been in a different mood, or had played on a different day. in

(...) The visual counterpart is made by Miguel C. Tavares and who was one of two collaborations instigated by Semibreve this year (the other being Oren Ambarchi & Robert AA Lowe). The visuals are some of the best I’ve seen in this kind of A/V show; there are some stellar drone shots filtered blood red, prying upon the naturalistic themes of Morton Subotnick’s set.
The most striking aspect is the way in which the images interact with Scanners’ body. His attire for a start - he appears to be wearing leather trousers but for large parts of his set, the lighting makes it look as if he has committed the sin of cargo shorts. He moves subtly, to aptly subtle beats. This tentative movement is rhythmic in and of itself, creating the closest Theatro Circo has come to dance music all weekend, until Suzanne Ciani.” inThe Quietus - Aimee Armstrong

2019  16:9  ±40min


Miguel C. Tavares


>>> 27.10.2019
Semibreve, Theatro Circo - Braga, 17:00