Three Patios for the Sun is a film study about Casa Trevo, a project by Olivier Ottevaere and Elsa Caetano.

Filmed during 2020’s Summer Solstice, the film presents itself as a meditation about the building, following the sun and its projections on the exterior walls and on the white interiors. The abstract sculptural spaces of the concrete façades present a very unique sensation of the passage of time, through its shadows, or on the contrary, its absolute absence. A sense of extraordinary and of invention emerges from this ordinary material. The concrete is elevated and freed from its mainstream construction system. The house is as much as an exploration as it is the mise-en-scène of highly developed ideas.

In the film it’s hard to have an perception of the whole building. The house appears to us in fragments, closed images that create a formal unity. The interior presents us unfinished, waiting for something or someone.

How should architecture be represented in film? How can film bring something singular from its own medium? How can the experience of space be simulated?

2021  16:9  5min

Directed, Shot and Edited by
Miguel C. Tavares
Tiago Costa

Produced by
Ana Resende

Sound Design by
Luís Kasprzykowski