Trilho is a record of sensations that aims to capture the essence and breadth of Desencaminharte 2018, by following the construction of ten different projects in Alto Minho over several months.
In this narrative, the territory is the starting point for a poetic analysis of art, landscape and memory.

2019  16:9  16min.

a film by
Miguel C. Tavares

Filmed by
Miguel C. Tavares
João Castela
Rui Manuel Vieira

Edited by
Miguel C. Tavares

José Alberto Gomes

Raquel S.

Voice Over
Vera Santos

Rui Manuel Vieira

Special Thanks
Ana Resende
Andreia Faria
António Mota
Erika Naccari
Filipa Fróis
Gustavo Costa
Hugo Reis
João Crisóstomo
Miguel Sousa
Patrícia Caveiro
Sofia Pera
Sonoscopia — Associação Cultural