Work situates in a hybrid space between documenting reality and an artistic object and is defined by different types of projects and formats: documentaries, music videos, fashion, short films, architectural and editorial videos as well as live visuals for different types of performances. Collaborates frequently with different artists and disciplines and a part of his work is focused on commercial and institutional videos for several brands and institutions.

The highlights of his body work includes the short films The Hedonist (Mannheim, 2014; Netflix streaming) In Between (Hong Kong, 2017), Become Ocean (Azores, 2017; premiered at Nowness), Cloud Tryptic (2017; best brand reel in the Fashion Film Festival), Trilho (Minho, 2019; Netflix streaming), 2020 Chimaera (2020), Floating Stillness (Lille, 2021) and Irmãos (Portugal, 2021).

Together with Ana Resende and Tiago Costa he started a series of films that explore visual constructions from architectural works. Their latest projects are The Construction of Villa Além (world premiere in IndieLisboa 2017, La Biennalle di Venezia 2018), a film that follows the construction of a house by Swiss architect Valerio Olgiati in a remote local of the Alentejo coast (in collaboration with Rui Manuel Vieira). Secluded Stillness, a film specially directed for the website, and meant to be screened in the installation format; Three Patios for the Sun, a film study about Casa Trevo and filmed during 2020’s Summer Solstice.

In 2018 he premiered at 26 Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival the live visuals At The Still Point Of The Turning World; together with electronic musician Scanner (UK) he presented an entirely new piece Semibreve - Scanner premiered live at Semibreve festival in 2019. Both music and visuals were performed spontaneously and improvised live; again in 2019 with the musician/composer José Alberto Gomes, spent 10 days aboard the cargo ship “Corvo”. This project culminated with a live performance at the Walk&Talk festival with the piece East Atlantic. In 2022 again with José Alberto Gomes premiered live Só as Coisas Eternas Perduram (live performance) an archive of images and sounds that searches for traces of transformation and human intervention in the landscape of Barcelos' parishes.